5 ways AI is transforming how our cameras work

5 ways AI is transforming how our cameras work

As TechRadar’s Cameras Editor, AI is the subject I’ve written about the most this year. AI is fooling judges to win photography contestsand magically improving photo quality in the best photo editors, such as Topaz Photo AI, while AI image generation has come to the industry-leading photo editor Adobe Photoshop in the form of the Generative Fill tool.

AI is now the buzzword for the best cameras, too, as it’s increasingly being used to enhance their performance. It’s behind the new camera features and improved performance even in serious full-frame cameras like the new Sony ZV-E1. In our in-depth Sony ZV-E1 reviewvideo producer Pete Sheath and I touch on some of the camera’s AI-powered features, which include Auto Tracking (not to be confused with subject tracking AF).

The ZV-E1 is the clearest node towards a future where AI will increasingly be involved in how our cameras operate. So how is AI enhancing camera performance right now? Let’s take a look.

A camera viewfinder showing a bird in a tree

(Image credit: OM Digital Solutions)

1. Subject detection autofocus

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