70 Engagement Photo Ideas from Real Couples

70 Engagement Photo Ideas from Real Couples

Now that you and your partner are engaged, it’s time to commemorate the momentous occasion with a romantic photoshoot. But where do you start? Given that there are so many cheesy couples’ photos and countless run-of-the-mill shots, it can be a challenge to snap a picture that is truly your own. Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on those predictable poses and overdone locations, if that doesn’t suit your aesthetics.

Today, there are a handful of things you can do to make sure your photos turn out perfectly one-of-a-kind and feel right for you and your partner. Before you jump into your session, though, here’s what you should know about engagement photoshoots. For starters:


Whether you and your significant other are world travelers or would rather just Netflix and chill, location is everything for making your engagement photos unique.

  • Your Favorite Spots: Do you have a go-to coffee shop where the barista knows both of your orders? Or a brewery where you meet for happy hour every week? Use these personal spots as inspiration for your engagement shoot to save the memories of these places for years to come.
  • Your Next Vacation: Planning a trip together (engagement-moon, anyone?) is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your big day. If you’re heading to a particularly gorgeous location, find a photographer in the region who can snap some shots in front of that city skyline or national park mountainside.
  • Your First Date: Revisit the spot of your first date together for a few of your photos, even if it’s for your eyes only.


Unless you’re a model, getting “candid” shots will probably feel anything but natural—but there are a few simple ways to help ease any discomfort.

  • PDAs: From simple handholding to sexy, bikini-clad kisses, showing off some public displays of affection always makes for a sweet photo. Pretend like the photographer isn’t watching and embracing your partner the way you would when you’re alone—as long as it’s G-rated, of course.
  • Using Props: Are you both bookworms? Or love to ride the waves? Incorporate your favorite book into your shot or show off your matching surfboards for a picture that is 100 percent you.
  • Candid Shots: We know it’s easier said than done, but sometimes, candid moments make the best photos. Act naturally in your location of choice (by sampling hops at a brewery or picking out music at a record store) to create a laid-back feeling to your engagement photos.


  • Black and White: For a timeless, striking look to your photos, opt to have your photographer edit your favorites in black and white. The contrast can be simple but will result in stunning shots.
  • Dramatic Colors: On the opposite end of the spectrum (pun intended), you can use the unique colors of your shoot’s locale to find a color palette that puts any Instagram filter to shame. Talk to your photographer beforehand to see how they can edit your pictures in a style that fits you.
  • Consider Your Wardrobe: While you don’t want to match your partner, you’ll want to make sure your colors complement one another. Opt for pastels, neutrals, cool shades, and white.

Photographers recommend avoiding busy prints, which can create distractions in your photos.


  • Golden Hours: Sunset (or “Golden Hour”, as most Instagram users would call it) is the perfect time to capture a beautiful shot that guarantees great lighting. The red, soft hues will make for an intimate feel in your snaps.
  • Nighttime: Use the starry sky or pretty lights (like those on a Ferris wheel, for example) to give a pop to your nighttime pics.
  • Unexpected Weather: Torrential rain, snowstorms, and overwhelming heat aren’t ideal, but that doesn’t mean your photo is ruined. Use the weather inclusion to your advantage by adding a pretty umbrella or taking your photos in a nearby snow-covered forest.

With those tips in mind, take a look at how the following couples did it. Lighthearted and fun or glamorous and chic, these engagement photo ideas are sure to inspire you and your partner.

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