Insta360 teases launch of ‘revolutionary’ new camera

According to some brand-new teasers for the action- and/or lifestyle-logging enthusiast crowd, a brand has taken something with something like a GoPro silhouette and scaled it down until it has become (or can be controlled by) a device that could be hidden behind an adult human thumb.

With any other brand in this market, graphics such as these could instantly lead to predictions that a new and radically shrunken action camera is on the way. However, the OEM in question here is Insta360, which means there is at least 1 more possible explanation for this planned “tinyrevolution“.

To that end, the product as hyped with artful shadowy evasion thus far could be a successor to the Insta360 GO 2, a personal camera with a TWS earbud-esque charging case and distinctive ‘clip-on anywhere’ form-factor that was indeed very compact compared to siblings such as those of the ONE RS line.

Therefore, this new and apparently even smaller next-gen shooter could indeed lend itself to the pet point-of-view, amateur sport videography and general Vision Pro 3D Camera-channeling antics of its new official teaser video.

A next-gen GO might benefit from even more portability – then again, a smaller footprint implies the lack of scope for battery life upgrades this time around. Insta360 may clarify this potential sticking point during the mystery product’s June 27, 2023 debut at 09:00 PDT (18:00 CET).

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