Learn the skills you need to make money from your photography with Digital Photographer Magazine Issue 262!

Learn the skills you need to make money from your photography with Digital Photographer Magazine Issue 262!

The new issue of Digital Photographer (opens in new tab) is out now!

This month we have another amazing issue for you, packed full of pro techniques, advice and insight.

Discover extreme landscapes

Capture stunning images of more difficult-to-shoot scenes, overseas or close to home, with Jeremy Flint (Image credit: Future)

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We love getting out and about with our cameras as much as you. To that end, in our main feature this issue, expert pro photographer Jeremy Flint (opens in new tab) has put together a master class on adventure photography. Jeremy shares his advice for how to plan, pack for and shoot extreme landscapes, city streets and remote locations, enabling you to capture stunning images away or close to home.

Cuteness overload: capture creative pet portraits

Turn your furry friends, or those of a client, into gallery-worthy masterpieces with our in-depth feature. (Image credit: Future)

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Many households will have experienced a cute addition to the family over the festive period, which also represents a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra cash with your camera! Next up, we have a 13 page guide for you on shooting creative pet portraits. Our Technique Editor, Kim will teach you how to capture unique angles, funny moments, adorable expressions and creative lighting for pet portraits worthy of a spot on your wall, with help from top pet photo pro Elke Vogelsang (opens in new tab).

Create light painting masterpieces

Want to learn new skills in 2023? Why not start with integrating light painting into your landscapes? (Image credit: Future)

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If you fancy using the New Year as an opportunity to build your skill set, try starting with advanced light painting, which can transform your landscape photography. In our Creative Project pages in this issue, we show you how to use a light wand to introduce thrilling lighting effects to your shots, creating scenes filled with energy. This technique is perfect for use in the modern advertising photography arena too, so don’t miss this one from your portfolio.

Save your money: shoot one light portraits

Not every studio setup needs you to own every lighting accessory under the sun. (Image credit: Future)

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Budget mirrorless prime lenses

Which lens best fits your requirements and is easiest on your wallet? Find out in our optical supertest! (Image credit: Future)

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