News agency asks photography lovers to pick their best picture of 2022

News agency asks photography lovers to pick their best picture of 2022

With 2022 in the rear-view mirror, a British news agency has shared some of the most dramatic and impressive photographs they have seen – including shots of a Siberian tiger and a castle that looks like it’s floating in the sky.

The picture editors have picked from hundreds of images to display some of the most captivating they have run on their services. Now the public can vote to decide which of these images will be crowned SWNS Picture of the Year 2022.

SWNS picture editor Jon Mills says: “We are very grateful to all the talented photographers who trust us with their pictures. A great news photograph can be many things, but its core quality is that it tells you a story that lives in your memory.

“Many of the pictures in our gallery are stunning images of this beautiful world, some show moments of intense emotion and others touch on the tragedy that is a very real part of our modern society.”

To see the full selection of pictures, please click here.

The Royal hearse carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II arrives at Windsor Castle before her committal service

(Tom Wren/SWNS)

Blakenall Heath area in Walsall where youths tore a pigeon to pieces

(Emma Trimble/SWNS)

Photographer Adam Jones captured impressive images of the Tenby Lifeboat launching on a training run

(Adam Jones/SWNS)

Idles performs on the Other Stage at Glastonbury

(Tom Wren/SWNS)

The hidden camera captures Siberian tiger Amur

(Sascha Fonseca/SWNS)

A stunning Siberian tiger pauses in a quiet forest in this jaw-dropping picture captured by wildlife photographer Sascha Fonseca. Sascha, from Germany, says the image is special as Amur tigers are endangered and this was an undocumented male. He explains: “A male Siberian tiger passed by my camera trap deep in the forests of far east Russia.”

A photographer captured a lightning storm on camera

(Ronald Kotinsky/SWNS)

Ronald Kotinsky, 52, fought off Florida mosquitoes to document what he called “crazy lightning bolts”. The spectacle occurred 20-30 miles offshore from the city of Crystal River. The 52-year-old, from Valrico, explains: “Normally lucky and happy to get one bolt from the blue but this storm kept dropping them; the price I paid in blood paid dividends.”

Thousands of Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis pose for a ‘class picture’ outside of Chabad World Headquarters in New York

(Adam Gray/SWNS)

Brianne Surgeoner, from Paisley, was born with no arms and applied make-up with her feet

(Katielee Arrowsmith/SWNS)

Brianne Surgeoner, 21, has amazed more than 5 million TikTok views for her make-up tutorials. She has amazed fans with her skills because she’s a double amputee. She uses her feet and her upper arms to apply a professional standard of make-up – including dramatic eye shadow looks, delicate eyeliner and intricate skin prep.

More than 40 Ukrainian orphans rescued and taken to safety in Znin, Poland, were struggling to get to the UK due to the government’s red tape

(Tom Maddick/SWNS)

Wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein spotted a quirky moment with three cheetahs in the Masai Mara, Kenya

(Paul Goldstein/SWNS)

A woman cries as an evacuation train from Lviv, Ukraine, pulls out from the station towards Przemysl, Poland

(Adam Gray/SWNS)

The Gran Teatro Cervantes in Tangier, Morocco, is one of many abandoned theaters in Europe captured by one fascinated photographer

(Jahz Design/SWNS)

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment is seen enjoying its ‘summer camp’ in Norfolk

(Chris Taylor/SWNS)

In a break from ceremonial duties and London city life, the cavalry are pictured at Holkham Beach on their first ride-out since the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The regiment uses the wide-open space to practice equestrian and military skills, building bonds between horse and rider, and improving their prowess as professional soldiers.

World-famous actor Tom Hardy took gold in a martial arts championship after he secretly arranged to fight in a gym and floored his local opponent

(Sean Rosborough/SWNS)

Skateboarders use the landslide-damaged B4069 in Lyneham

(Adam Hughes/SWNS)

Red 6, piloted by Squadron Leader Gregor Ogston, was forced to cut short a display after the cockpit canopy was smashed

(Paul Rowbotham/SWNS)

Willian Elliot from Eddie’s Seafood Market in Edinburgh with a giant seven-foot bluefin tuna weighing in at 150kg

(Katielee Arrowsmith/SWNS)

A photographer snapped snow-capped Stirling Castle shrouded in mist as he compared it to something out of Harry Potter

(Brian Smith/SWNS)

Dad-of-two Brian Smith, 55, was leaving work on Tuesday when he saw the historic castle covered in snow. Fog and clouds parted above the building, which is on a steep hill, so Bill took a picture with a long exposure. Brian, a college lecturer, said: “It looks very festive.”

Brody Roybal, who is missing the bottom half of his body, with his girlfriend at home in Smyrna, Tennessee, before beginning his third Paralympics Games

(Adam Gray/SWNS)

A fighter jet zooming at low level through a city

(David A Kapernick/SWNS)

Australian Air Force airplane F/A-18F Super Hornet was photographed flying over Brisbane’s Story Bridge. The image was snapped during the Brisbane Riverfire festival. The photographer said: “It had been raining in the morning, so much moisture in the air, which created the vapor trail over the aircraft, which made it all that more special.”


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