Photographer: Woman demands wedding photo refund after 4 years, now divorced

Photographer: Woman demands wedding photo refund after 4 years, now divorced

A former bride in South Africa has gone viral after requesting a refund from her wedding photographer, Lance Romeo, for her wedding photos. The woman, who has not been named, claims that she and her ex-husband no longer need the photos as they are now divorced. Romeo refused the request, stating that his photography services are non-refundable. The woman argued that Romeo’s contract did not state that he had a no-refund policy, but Romeo maintained that he had already delivered the service and the pictures. The conversation was shared on social media and has since been widely circulated.

The former bride suggested that she would like at least 70% of her money refunded so she “can move on and heal from everything.” She also suggested that Romeo meet her in Johannesburg to discuss the matter in person. Romeo declined her request and suggested that her lawyer should contact him instead. The woman claimed that she had forwarded the conversation to her lawyer, but Romeo believed he was being subjected to a prank.

Many social media users have mocked the woman’s request, with some suggesting that her behavior is likely the cause of her divorce. Others have joked that she should request a refund for other wedding services such as her dress, cake, venue, catering and DJ. Some have even suggested that Romeo should offer to photoshop the ex-husband out of the pictures for an extra fee.

Gigio Ninan, a New York City-based lawyer, stated that most photographers should be protected if they have an engagement agreement with their customers. Ninan noted that the terms outlined in the agreement should include dispute resolution. Claudia Cobreiro, a lawyer who founded the Cobreiro Law practice in South Florida, told Fox News Digital that Romeo’s former client wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if the case were happening in The Sunshine State. Cobreiro noted that given the timeframe of the refund request, it’s likely that Romeo’s former client “received the benefit of the bargain under the terms that she bargained for in the agreement.”

In response to the incident, Romeo has adjusted his contract to include a no-refund policy. He has also received an apology from his client’s ex-husband after the story circulated on South African news platforms.

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