‘Selling The OC’ Star Gio Helou and Wife Expecting First Baby (Exclusive)

‘Selling The OC’ star Gio Helou reveals he and wife Tiffany are expecting their first baby in late September

<p>Laura Walking Eagle, Walking Eagle Photography</p>

Laura Walking Eagle, Walking Eagle Photography

Selling The OC star Gio Helou and wife Tiffany are expecting their first baby, a boy, in late September, the couple confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“On a scale of one to 10, I’m a f—ing 15,” Gio tells PEOPLE. “But in all honesty, it’s a mix of excitement and nerves. I’ve always known I wanted to be a dad someday, and I know it’s going to change our life in the most amazing ways, but I can’t deny it’s also a bit scary!”

For Gio, 35, and Tiffany, 34, the path to a viable pregnancy was a rocky one. After a year of trying, with months of doctor’s appointments and seeing a fertility specialist, the couple hit the pause button and traveled to Hawaii. Then a month later, Tiffany had some unexpected news.

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<p>Laura Walking Eagle, Walking Eagle Photography</p>

Laura Walking Eagle, Walking Eagle Photography

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“I took a pregnancy test on a whim, fully expecting it to be negative like the countless others had, and was shocked in the best way,” she recalls. “I’m terrible at keeping secrets, but somehow I managed to wait a few days to tell Gio, because I wanted it to be really special. I took him to a spot near where we got married in Laguna Beach to share the news. I think he nearly fell out of his chair.”

Gio and Tiffany first met in high school, but after just one date, things stalled. “I had a huge crush on Gio, but after one date he dumped me in the school’s parking lot,” Tiffany admits. “He was the first boy I’ve ever cried over.”

The two, however, became “instant best friends,” forming a strong bond that has always been “one of the best parts” of their relationship, she adds.

The couple began dating again when they were in their mid-20s and married in August 2020. Gio now works as a real estate agent who specializes in high-end properties in Newport Beach for The Oppenheim Group; Tiffany works in public relations for her own business, HelloHelou.

<p>Laura Walking Eagle, Walking Eagle Photography</p>

Laura Walking Eagle, Walking Eagle Photography

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“I’ll say timing is everything, and I’m glad we didn’t date until he was a bit more mature,” Tiffany says. “He’s my favorite person to do just about anything with. I love how driven and determined he is. And of course, he’s gorgeous. After nearly 10 years together he still makes my heart flutter.”

Gio, for his part, explains that in their case, opposites really do attract. “We’re different in the best way — I’m a thrill seeker, and Tiff is definitely more of a play-it-safe, planner type,” he says. “So we’re a perfect balance for each other. She has the biggest heart, and I know she’s going to be the most amazing mom.”

Selling The OC viewers can watch the Helous’ pregnancy story unfold when season 2 airs later this year. Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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