The National Underwater Photography and Video Championship was a success in Porto Santo

After days of intense diving activity in the National Underwater Video and Photography Championship, in the waters of Porto Santo, the Madeira Swimming Association made a very positive assessment.

Pedro Vasconcelos, director of the race, told DIÁRIO that the balance was very positive, “firstly because in terms of safety everything went well, nobody had any kind of incident, which is an extremely important issue”, he underlined.

With these conditions described by the race director, it is natural that the championship judges expect to see great videos and photographs and whose final judgment will be extremely difficult to choose and give the final verdict.

In relation to this situation, Pedro Vasconcelos stated that the collected images really have a high quality.

During this Friday, the judges will have the task of seeing and reviewing the photos and videos, so that on Saturday morning, at 10 am, they can announce who the big winners are, in the various categories, of this edition of the Championship National Video and Underwater Photography Championship, which was held in the waters of the Golden Island.

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